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"If you are consistent in some things then you will see results in some things, but if you are consistent in everything then you will see results in everything."
- Ebony Sherman

Meet Ebony

Ebony S. L. Sherman is a native of Gainesville, Fl. Where she has been impactful and effective in both ministry and in the marketplace. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness and communication industry, she has a skill set that will empower, inspire, and transform lives all over the country.


Through the success of mentorship, Talks with Sherm was officially introduced in 2020 where she facilitates, "I Refuse to Die". This segment includes mentorship coverage, apparel, leadership workshops, seminars, lifestyle health, and management. Sherman has been graced with the opportunity to speak all over the country and uses those tools to help change the trajectory of one’s life. While currently possessing a bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Ministry, she is currently pursuing her certification as a fitness trainer and holistic coach along with a masters of Divinity.   Upon completion, she will continue her service in the Armed Forces as a military chaplain. Throughout her continued service, she has received various awards and coins for her professionalism, dedication, persistence, and courage throughout her career.

Sherman believes that anything is possible, and it starts with a desire within one's self. A  personal mantra that she lives by is "Consistency breeds results" and hopes to encourage others to stay consistent in all that they do.

Meet Ebony
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Letters To My Sister

Letters to my sister is a compilation of personal notes to my sister no matter the season she may be in. As you know the journey through womanhood is not always the easiest but one thing for certain is that we always get through!

These letters are to uplift, encourage, and inspire you to become the best version of yourself!

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